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  • Elizabeth King

Book Design to Preserve Family Memories

This book is a personal favorite of mine because it's my family story. A story of our Easter picnic tradition which started in the 1950's when my mom's oldest sibling, "Uncle Sal" planned an Easter picnic for his 5 sisters. Uncle Sal promised his mother that he would always keep the family together, and he did just that. As a result, our family has been abundantly blessed with fun & loving aunts, uncles, in-laws, and generations of children. The family has stayed tight and loves being together, the Easter Picnic has been a family favorite. It's fun looking through the book and enjoying the fun memories through the decades. It's been nine years since I made this book and 69 years of the tradition...looks like it's time to start compiling Vol. II for the 70th year tradition!

Lessons Learned: - Don't just take pictures, capture moments, expressions, action, togetherness - Document family traditions and stories - Enjoy family while you can Grateful For: The gift of family and the blessings of love within the family

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