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  • Elizabeth King

Designing the book "Rejuvenated Jewels"

Author Amy Hanna, published 2009 Quarry Books

The opportunity to design this book came most unexpectedly. Author Amy Hanna and I met through our boys being friends. It was one of those friendships where you instantly know a friendship has begun when you meet.

One day I received a call from Amy, which sounded like this, "Liz! I need your help! I just got the proofs for my book, and it's not me; I can't have my book look like this. 'They don't get me.' Can you look at the proofs and give me your input?" I said, "come over and bring me everything you have." Seeing Amy's frustration and concern, I said, "let me lay out a few pages of how you would like the book to look, and you can show the publisher to give them a better idea of your style? Amy was thrilled. Her meeting with the publisher was the next morning, which caused us to start work immediately.

And so we began working, through the night until 6 in the morning. "Nothing like 10 hours of intense creativity, pressure, and a little chocolate to bond a friendship. " Amy was beyond excited with the results. The publisher was so pleased with what they saw I received a phone call from them, asking if I would be interested in coming on as the production designer of the book. It was an incredible and challenging 6-month journey and one that Amy and I will forever cherish our experience together.

Lessons Learned:

- You never know what the future holds and the opportunities ahead when meeting someone; take the time to get to know someone and find out their interest, work, family.

- Sometimes, the best pay-offs come from giving your time to help someone.

- Don't shy away from sharing your expertise and using your talents.

Grateful for: The gift of friendship

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