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  • Elizabeth King

Old Wooden Pieces of My Story

No, I'm not a hundred years old, but I learned to set type with wooden block letters such as these. It was my senior year of high school, and I took a "graphic design" class. I thought it would be a drawing class, but instead, we learned to typeset using wood blocks and lead type. Then we went on to learn offset and letterpress printing. I quickly developed an interest and love for setting type and printing. Forty + years later, I still enjoy the many opportunities I have to use my years of experience and talents as technology evolves.

To enjoy my love for printer blocks, type drawers, and other old printing pieces, I find fun ways of displaying them. The photo here shows a project I made by gluing blocks in an old wooden drawer like a puzzle, which now hangs in my office. I love how it turned out!

What's on your walls? Have fun with your space with something that expresses something that's part of your story.

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