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  • Elizabeth King

The Wonderful World of Design & Storytelling

Welcome to "My Wonderful World of Design & Storytelling!"

My desire for this blog is for it to be a fun, personal time of sharing my experiences in the design world, and what it's taught me. I will also be highlighting stories, interest, projects & inspiration as I take you on my creative journey.

A little clip of my story. I was born and raised in Southern California. My upbringing was a little out of the ordinary. With my father being a successful designer and art director in the entertainment industry. I had the many great opportunities to to experience the "Wonderful World of Disney" up close and behind the scenes at Buena Vista Studios and WED enterprise (now known as Imagineer). I would often jumped in the car when my dad was off to a movie-lot, or television studio just so I could hang-out watching a television taping, playing on a game show set, or chatting with a star in a bathroom (it was at a bathroom visit at NBC studios when I met and had a fun conversation with Diana Ross). Back in those days (the early 70's) me and my siblings pretty much had free-range at NBC. As you can imagine, the love for creative design and storytelling was sparked at a very young age. Wether it's taking a business to the next level of marketing or designing a book to tell one's story, I absolutely love working one-on-one with my clients, and count it a joy & privilege to work together!

The picture (of myself (L) and my sisters) below was taken in the mid 70's at the home of the legendary Disney artist, Herb Ryman. Herb drew the first illustrations of Walt Disney's vision of a theme park that eventually became Disneyland. It was such a treat for myself and 4 siblings to spend time with Herb in his home art studio listening to him tell the stories of the designing & development of Disneyland. He was a great storyteller, and with every story he would teach us something new. He and my father were very close and the two of them shared many great years working together on Disney projects.

Herb had a fun way of teaching as he would tell stories; he taught us so much, but what has stuck with me most is; every person is important, treat them well; your talent doesn't belong to you, you need to give it away; and lastly, never stop learning.

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