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  • Elizabeth King

Virtually New for Virtually Nothing - Book Design

Author Kim Moeller

I first met Kim after listening to her speak at a church women's event; she grabbed our attention with her fantastic everyday tips and fun ways of decorating her home with incredible bargains.

I was excited to hear of about the book Kim was writing, and doubly excited when I was asked to design her book cover and layout the interior.

It was a fun, whimsical cover to design, a woman trying to juggle it all; household expenses, college, job, family expenses, etc. We wanted the interior layout to be simple and easy to read, with little whimsical touches. It was such a joy working with Kim.

Kim's encouraging and helpful spirit is felt throughout the book with her stories, tips and creative ways to get a bargain.

Lessons Learned: - Follow-up with referrals right away - Be a good listener so you clearly catch the vision of the author - A job done well builds trust, trust builds confidence, confidence gains a loyal customer Grateful For: - The 10 year friendship that has developed from starting Kim's book and many projects together along the way...Thank You Dear Kim!! To learn more about Kim Moeller and her book click here

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